WEEKENDER: Real Estate play Bottletree Sunday night

If you’ve kept up at all with indie music during the past 8-10 years you know it’s changing rapidly. There’s not a particular sound you can pinpoint and call “indie” anymore. So many new indie acts have adapted and recycled… Continue Reading →

WEEKENDER ROAD TRIP: Squallfest in Lexington

“A squall is a sudden, violent, gust of wind usually associated with active weather or thunderstorms.” “A squall line is a line of thunderstorms that have a common lifting mechanism. Lifting mechanisms tend to occur in bands“. By the definition… Continue Reading →


I’m really psyched about this week’s video because it’s such a fun song. Back in 2006, a little group from Sweden called Peter, Bjorn, and John released one of the catchiest songs ever called “Young Folks”. The band has released… Continue Reading →


Unless you are totally off the grid you’ve probably heard about Apple’s announcement regarding the latest piece of technology that they are releasing in the coming months and that you are supposed to buy. Yes, the iPhone 6 and iPhone… Continue Reading →

Album Review: Caleb Caudle – Paint Another Layer on My Heart

Caleb Caudle‘s “Paint Another Layer On My Heart” does what I believe to be Caleb‘s best quality as a songwriter; tells a story. Each track on this album vividly “paints” a picture of the meaning behind the songs and the… Continue Reading →

There goes FLASHBACK FRIDAY again!

This Friday we take it back to 1988 with the song “There She Goes” by jangle-pop band, The La’s. You might remember the cover by the band Six Pence None the Richer from 1999 but I prefer the original. This… Continue Reading →

Everyone loves Freedom

You may have heard this before, but there’s a new football team and a new league setting  up shop in Birmingham. Maybe you are jaded about such an event. Maybe you remember all the failed attempts at establishing a competitor… Continue Reading →

Southern Rock Resurgence: What is Old is New

Southern rock didn’t die when Skynyrd did; it just needed sometime to grieve and regroup. The genre “southern rock” has kind of disappeared over the years and it’s time to be revived. Beards, long hair, whiskey, cigarettes, denim, American flags… Continue Reading →

It Came From MTV['s Video Channels]: VH1

A long while ago in god’s age of 2013, I did a brief review of MTV channels I watched. It was sort of enlightening to see what videos the premium video channels would play but it didn’t really answer what… Continue Reading →


There was a really weird resurgence of swing music and culture in the mid to late-90s. The movie Swingers came out in 1996 and the dudes in that movie dressed and talked like it was the 1940s. There was that scene… Continue Reading →

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